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If you're a teacher of middle or high school science, my membership program is right for you. 

It will save you time and provide you with a weekly stream of new resources for you to use in your classroom.

Sign Up For A FREE, FOUR-Week Trial Of My Membership and get 20 Resources FREE + Over $500 In Bonuses (see below for details)! 
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How Does My Membership Work?
Once you sign up for your free, two-week trial, you get immediate access to our membership area. Every time I upload a new resource to my store, it also becomes available inside your membership area. Download the files to your computer or access them when needed.

Each week I release at least five new resources includes lab station activities, scavenger hunts, readings, lessons, and more. You won't be able to use everything but it will still represent a huge saving and allow you to build your resource collection quickly with engaging, and ready to use resources.
"I love the resources that Devon provides through his membership! When I get the email on Sundays its like a gift to me! The resources are so useful in my classes; they are full of quality materials and questions and follow the curriculum. They are the types of activities I was creating for my class but it was taking my whole weekend to complete. With Devon’s help, I am able to keep my classes engaged and interested at all levels, and still spend time with my family. I really like the Reading Comprehension and Quiz Quiz Trade activities. They are great for supply notes or as extra credit assignments to help prepare for tests. Thanks Devon!"

- Dawn MacKay

"I was actually not sure if I wanted to subscribe or not, but then I did the math as to how much as I was spending on TPT every week to get new resources for my 5th-8th grade science classes. For the price of the subscription, the variety of resources I get is saving me a ton of money! Every week there's something that I can use in my room."
Your Membership Also Includes:
  • A custom bundle which includes an additional lab station activity, scavenger hunt, reading, and 5E lesson based on the topic you teach ($70 value)
  •  My Word Scramble and Word Search bundle for all topics – great for filling in those small time gaps, for lower level students, or as bonus task. This bundle is constantly being added to ($10 value)
  •  Lifetime access to my Bell Ringer Activity Mega Bundle ($35 value) <-- NEW BONUS
  •  $30 towards any resource in my store ($30 value)
  •  50% off coupon to be used towards anything in my store ($350 value)
  •  Complete access to Volume 1 of my Reading Bundle (your choice of either grade 5-7 or 8 and up) once you’ve been a member for 2 months ($45 value)
  •   Life-long access to all resources released while you’re a member
Here's what others say about my membership program?
"This is such a great buy! Each week there are lots of great, quality science resources available for download. Devon is always quick to respond and resolve any questions or problems you have. Thanks for creating the program!"

"I have really enjoyed using your resources in my science class! The embedded videos in your power points are awesome and very helpful!"